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Super Skin Self Care Smoothie

Super Skin Self Care Smoothie

This super skin smoothie is designed for the ultimate radiance from within. This recipe can be adapted for ease of making such as swapping out the cherries to mixed berries or swapping the flax oil to a different oil where you want a different medicinal benefit, for example, black seed oil for immunity.

The recipe (makes two glasses)

10 x cherries (frozen is easier so no need to deseed but fresh is fine too where time allows)

1 x dessert spoon of cold pressed flaxseed oil (Viridian is our preferred brand in terms of quality)

2 x dessert spoons of mixed seeds � any are fine but try and ensure pumpkin seeds are in the mix

1 x tsp cacao powder

3 x brazil nuts

1 x peeled raw beetroot

3 x heaped dessert spoons of coconut yoghurt (or other yoghurt or kefir)

2 x heaped tsps of Radiant Collagyn powder (Ancient and Brave)

100ml of water

Blend and get your glow on!

Super Skin Smoothie Ingredients

This little beauty blend will leave you feeling glowing from within and freezes well if you want to make this in advance or make the perfect 'pink pops' to grab out of the freezer for a summers day treat. Delicious! Read on for the Science of what's in it and why...

Self care smoothie

Ingredients Science

Cherries - these are an amazingly rich source of vitamin C which is the precursor for our body to manufacture collagen, boosting and plumping the skin from within. Deemed an untapped functional superfruit, not only not only because of their extremely high ascorbic acid levels, but also their rich phytonutrient content and high antioxidant capacity. They have been widely studied for their skin supportive and anti-aging effects.

Flaxseed oil - excess blood sugars promote Advanced Glycation End products, very aptly shortened to AGEs. Healthy oils in the diet help to balance excess blood sugar and also help to absorb fat soluble phytonutrients that are consumed at the same time. Flax oil is unique as a plant based oil in the fact that it is one of the richest in omega 3, which activates specific prostaglandins for a reduction in inflammation in both the body and the skin.

Pumpkin seeds - these add zinc to the recipe which is an incredibly important nutrient for the skin. The first manifestations of zinc deficiency can be seen in a variety of skin conditions such as dermatitis, alopecia, eczema and dry skin. Current genomic research is investigating the importance of zinc transporters in skin formation and confirms problems in their functioning in a variety of skin conditions.

Brazil nuts - these bring the selenium to the party. Selenium, alongside zinc, is an extremely important nutrient when it comes to thyroid health. When the thyroid is not functioning well, this can sometimes be seen in the poor health of both skin and hair. Selenium, is also one of our main antioxidants, as it induces the occurance of the selenoprotein synthesis protecting against free radical damage.

Cacao powder - not only to make this taste chocolaty and indulgent. It contains a high level of specific compounds called proanthocyanins that exert antioxidant and anti-inflammtory activity. Not only do these have a positive impact on the skin but cacao has also been studied for its positive impact on the nervous system, cognitive function, feelings of fullness and mood and who doesn't look better with a smile on their face!

Beetroot - beautiful beetroot! You can clearly see from the colour that it's going to be good. Beetroot is an energizer in that it assists with nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide helps to deliver nutrients to the fine capillaries and hence nourish the skin from within. Its notable red colour is due to the betalain pigments which also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity.

Yoghurt - whether non dairy or dairy is your preferred choice, fermented foods contain huge quantities of beneficial bacteria which support the health of our microbiome and digestive system. When this is all working well, it helps us to loose the bloat and balance hormones for clearer, radiant looking skin.

Radiant Collagyn by Ancient + Brave - whilst this is not collagen derived from animal source, it is a plethora of precursor ingredients for the body to cook up into collagen and feed and nourish the skin. The blend includes raspberry powder which makes it taste incredible, protein as your building block for healthy skin, inulin as a prebiotic to feed your microbiome, wild-harved Hebredian seaweed for mineral magic, a protein blend for the perfect skin building blocks and rich antioxidants from white tea, Haskap berry, hawthorn and Rosehip.

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