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Prickly Heat

Natural remedies to help minimise and avoid prickly heat. Simple solutions to hep build your natural protection to the sun...

What is prickly heat?

Prickly heat (also known as Miliaria), is a common skin condition that occurs when sweat ducts become blocked. The blockage leads to back-flow of sweat, resulting in a rash under the skin. It is most commonly seen in hot and humid climates or during periods of increased physical activity that can cause excessive sweating [1].

Prickly heat typically shows up as small, itchy, red bumps on the skin that may be accompanied by a prickling or stinging sensation [2]. The most commonly affected areas include the neck, back, chest or groin [3].

Prickly heat is not a serious condition and usually resolves on its own. it can be avoided by wearing loose, breathable clothing, avoiding excessive heat and humidity, and maintaining hygiene. However, if symptoms persist it is recommended you consult with a doctor.

Who is most at risk for prickly heat?

Young children: Babies and young children have underdeveloped sweat glands

Those in certain climates: Prickly heat is more common in regions with high temperatures and humidity

Athletes: Those who exercise and sweat regularly may be more likely to experience the development of prickly heat.

People who are bedridden or have limited mobility: may experience increased sweating and prolonged contact with bedding or clothing

What do we suggest for prickly heat?

If prickly heat is a problem, try taking Viridian SPF capsules for 2 weeks before you go to the sun. The combination of ingredients builds natural sun protection in the skin, which also helps to minimise prickly heat.

SPF - Don't forget to also use a chemical free sun-cream, (our favourite is Green People) which won't irritate and will allow the skin to breathe. This combination works really well for most people to completely avoid the irritation associated with prickly heat [4]. Vinosun High Protection Spray SPF50 (150ml) / Salt & Stone Sunscreen Lotion - SPF 30

Z Gel - All Purpose Healing Gel - A soothing herbal gel formula, popular for its ability to soothe a variety of skin conditions may also help ease discomfort associated with prickly heat.

Viridian Chickweed Balm - Chickweed is a soothing natural remedy for itching and discomfort of the skin [5].

Terranova Nettle Root, Lycopene & Zinc Complex - This product containing nettle root, lycopene, and zinc complex may help with prickly heat due to their anti-inflammatory and skin-protective properties. Nettle root can soothe irritated skin, lycopene reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, and zinc supports skin integrity and reduces inflammation [6] [7] [8].

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