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Beau-T Wellness Plan


Cost: £360

Duration: 6 weeks

Beau-T Wellness Plan

Our Beau-T Natural Beauty Programme provides skin treatments and rejuvenation in a completely natural way, to let your inner goddess glow...

PRICE: £360.00
Duration: 6 weeks. May help:

  • Acne/Congested Skin
  • Mature Skin/Ageing
  • Dry Skin
  • Dull Skin
  • Rosacea
  • Eczema
  • Sun Damage
  • Improve the health & radiance of all skin types

Our Beau-T Natural Beauty Programme provides skin treatments and rejuvenation in a completely natural way, to let your inner goddess glow.

Whether you have a forthcoming event that you want to look and feel your best for, or simply feel that your skin is looking dull, acne prone or aged, the Beau-T programme will have your glow back in no time.


Skin is our largest living organ and a reflection of our inner health. It can affect our self-esteem, confidence and enjoyment of life.

Beautiful skin starts with cleansing on the inside and out. The Beau-T Programme is an intense 6 week course of treatment visually improve all aspects of skin appearance, which focuses on 3 key areas:

1. Facial Treatments
2. Skin From Within
3. Lymphatic System & Detoxification

This three way approach provides quick results, yet long term skin improvements, without the reliance on quick fix treatments that may harm the skin in the longer term.


As experts in natural skincare and holistic facial treatments, our estheticians will discuss your skin with you, addressing any concerns and setting goals. The skin cells renew every 28 days, hence we perform customised facials using advanced rejuvenation techniques twice within the 6 weeks, to treat, feed and nourish the skin. The aim is to bring the skin into its own natural balance to encourage long term healthy skin texture and tone.

A tailored homecare skincare routine is matched to your requirements if this is desired, comprising of both product and facial exercise recommendations.


We also work ‘from the inside’ with a Nutritional Consultation. This tailors diet and lifestyle to your skin goals. Healthy skin starts from within so it is vitally important to ensure consumption of foods that feed, nourish and optimise skin health by providing good sources of nutrients, antioxidants and oils. Digestive balance is addressed to ensure optimal nutrient absorption for radiance. At the same time certain foods maybe identified and excluded if linked to inflammation, redness, dryness etc.

A tailored 6 week Nutrition and Lifestyle plan is provided following the consultation, to optimise skin from within. A personalised supplement regime may also be recommended to support the program if required/desired.


The lymphatic and detoxification functions of the body are vital to supporting the skins ability to visually glow, by ensuring efficient elimination of toxins from the skin and body. During the plan we provide a Full Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage to ensure relaxation. The system is cleansed and balance is restored for optimal skin health.


• 1 x Initial Nutrition Consultation (60mins)
• 1 x Skincare Consultation (20 mins)
• 2 x Therapy Custom Facials (each 90 mins)
• 1 x Lymphatic Drainage Body Treatment (120mins)
• 1 x Beau-T Herbal Blend Tea.
• 1 x Body Brush



Nutrition Consultation

Skincare Consultation
Custom Facial Treatment

Lymphatic Drainage Body Treatment

Custom Facial Treatment

The nutritional plan should be followed for the 6 week duration. We also recommend daily body brushing to stimulate lymphatic function, and drinking our Beau-T herbal which is rich in skin supportive antioxidants. After 6 weeks reveal the ‘new you’.


Purchase by telephone: Call on 01625 400113. We will process payment, discuss your preferred start date and book treatments accordingly.

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