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Vitali-T Wellness Plan


Cost: £390

Duration: 8 weeks

Vitali-T Wellness Plan

PRICE: £390.00 Duration: 8 weeks

Energy, Endurance, Immunity and Performance Programme

Our Vitality Programme has been developed to boost energy levels and feel vibrant. Realise your potential and reveal the inner youthful you, just waiting to come alive!

May help:

  • General low energy & vitality
  • Sports performance
  • General fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue (ME)


8 week programme. Our energy levels directly affect our enjoyment of life. We often put tiredness down to age, but so many factors are involved.. Sport may put increased demands on our energy levels, but a busy life will also drain our reserves. The Vitality Programme is designed to support energy production, improve vitality and enjoyment of life.

The Vitality Programme is an 8 week programme. It is designed to improve energy levels, for all ages, and across a spectrum of base levels, whether for improving fatigue or improving sports performance. It comprises Nutritional Therapy and The Bowen Technique:. If energy supply is lower than our requirements we tend to reach for stimulants such as caffeine, and quick fix foods. This sets up a downward spiral which this programme is designed to halt and reverse, allowing recovery of energy, immunity and vitality.

Nutritional Therapy:

As fuel for the body, the diet is our starting point. Put simply, the fuel must provide the energy and nutrients for the vehicle (us) to function. However the process in the human body of energy creation is complex, involving a healthy balance of macro nutrients, an adequate supply of micro and phytonutrients. The body has an energy production cycle and if one of the key ‘links in the chain’ is missing, we cannot function optimally.

Nutritional Therapy addresses this, and also looks at how well we are able to process the nutrients. Digestive function is key, as a compromised digestive system cannot absorb the nutrients required to power our bodies..
The consultation is personalised to the individual as we all differ in diet, digestive function, lifestyle, stressors, emotional situation and toxic load.

The Bowen Technique:

A course of 3 gentle yet effective physical treatments.
Often an individual with compromised energy has been living in a state of ‘activated sympathetic nervous system’ or ’sympathetic dominance’ for too long, ie. Stressed, busy, overanalysing, worry, fear). The adrenal glands play a crucial role in our energy and immunity., These glands are responsible for our ‘fight or flight’ response and for defense. To restore energy and reserves we need to switch the nervous system into its parasympathetic state which allows nourishment, healing and elimination of waste from the body. Achieving this also alters the mental state towards feelings of calmness and contentment.

The Bowen Technique is a gentle yet restorative treatment which can be tailored towards relaxation, adrenal support and release of tension in the body. It can be likened to pressing the brakes of a car, allowing the body to slow down and recover energy. 3 treatments are included on the programme as a course of treatment provides greater long term benefit.

This combination of Nutritional Therapy and Bowen Technique provides a very effective treatment programme for both short and long term improvements to vitality.


1 x Initial Nutritional Therapy Consultation
1 x Follow Up Nutritional Consultation
3 x Bowen Technique Treatments
1 x Vitali-T Tea
Epsom Salts (2 kilos)



Nutritional Therapy

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique

Nutritional Therapy

Throughout the 8 week programme we recommend regular Epsom Salt baths (or foot baths) as advised by your therapist.


Purchase by telephone: Call on 01625 400113. We will process payment, discuss your preferred start date and book treatments accordingly.

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