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Countdown To Christmas - Social Media Mega Giveaway

We've a very special giveaway to add some Christmas Cheer to this year... Each day in the run up to Christmas we'll be giving away a fabulous prize to one (or more) lucky winners. To enter, simply like the post & tag a friend (and make sure that you are following us) on either Instagram or Facebook (or both if you're a hardcore socialite) and you'll be entered to win. And yes, you are allowed to tag multiple friends for multiple entries but not the same one more than once. Good luck!


Christmas Countdown Prizes

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12 Sleeps ~ Sunday 13th December

Kure Trio - Worth £45

Kure Bazaar Nail Trio... The most eco chic manicure available ... Do you really know what you're putting on your nails? Kure Bazaar pioneer natural nail varnish & remover. The coolest colours inspired by French fashion make this range so attractive... Who knew nail varnish could be made from potato?! With wood pulp, cotton, maize and corn as other ingredients making up their environmentally friendly formulas, who knew nails could be this chemical free ... Impeccable wear, shine and drying.

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Kure 2020

11 sleeps ~ Monday 14th December

Allicin Max 90s - Worth £20.49

At the first sign of ANY bug, whether bacterial, viral, fungal... reach for Allicin Max. These clever people have a secret, patented method to extract and preserve the potent activity of allicin in garlic, which is usually lost within the first moments of cutting or pressing fresh garlic. This active component of garlic is what helps to kill off unwanted bugs. Many people take Allicin at the first sign of any undesirable, to help reduce the duration and severity of the symptoms. A very handy First Aid addition to your familys tool kit.

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Allicin 2020

10 sleeps ~ Tuesday 15th December

Hatcha Powder - Worth £24.99

Hatcha - An alternative way to take CBD, and as close to nature as you can get. Many people are benefitting from taking CBD, from reduced pain, better sleep, happier mood and less stress. Hatcha is a brand new way to take CBD. This pure powder is as close to the plant as possible, organically grown and milled into a fine powder. You can make it into a tea, add to a smoothie or make a matcha style 'Hatcha' latte, the choice is yours. Just 1g (half teaspoon) gives 15mg CBD, equivalent to a moderate strength CBD oil. Plus there's benefits of the hundreds of active compounds and synergy between the different cannabinoids and terpenes. New in and we love it!

Hatcha 2020

9 sleeps ~ Wednesday 15th December

Green People Bundle - Worth £45

Green People tick all of our 'eco' boxes for conscious shopping. British, ethical, affordable and effective. Their products are great performers, offering ethical solutions for skincare, haircare and much more. Todays gift includes Vitamin Fix, an organic, anti-ageing moisturiser, along with this hair care duo for cleansing and conditioning all hair types. Any sensitive skins will be happy to win!

Green People
Green People 2020

8 Sleeps ~ Thursday 16th December

Time Traveller Gift Set - Worth £50.00

Reveal brighter skin with this duo gift set by Green People founder, Charlotte Vøhtz. Britains best loved natural and organic beauty brand now pioneers anti-ageing beauty whilst retaining their established eco credentials. This set features the Soft Buff Exfoliator and Brightening Moisturiser. 5 stars is not enough. Suitable for all skin types and also those with skin conditions.

Time Traveller 2020

7 sleeps ~ Friday 18th December

Caudalie Beauty Elixir & Divine Oil - Worth £50

Cult classics from Caudalie. Todays Christmas Countdown gift guarantees you'll feel fresh and smell divine, with this face and body giveaway. Beauty Elixir will instantly brighten your skin, simply spritz on the face to tone, tighten pores, set make up and boost radiance. Then let Divine Oil transport you to somewhere far away. Uplift the spirits and eliminate dry, flaky skin. Divine body oil is virtually a holiday in a bottle. (Ok - we exaggerate slightly!). This delightful duo are a little Christmas luxury for the lucky winner.

Caudalie 2020

6 sleeps ~ Saturday 19th December

Life Drink & Smooth Mag - Worth £53.60

The name says it all! Life Drink; if we had to pick one product this would likely be it! Life Drink has been formulated to include as much of our daily nutritional needs as possible into one product. This drink includes vitamins and minerals from algae & superfoods, probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, berries, omegas, medicinal mushrooms and more. Infact the ingredients list reads like a summary of our shelves! This is a simple once daily way to really boost your nutrition and put life back in your batteries. Todays gift also includes the wonderful 'Smooth Mag'. A magnesium drink to support sleep & relaxation, decrease muscular tension, and lower stress and anxiety. Most of us need more magnesium. This duo is the perfect Christmas Survival Giveaway.

Terranova 2020

5 sleeps ~ Sunday 20th December

Mindful Omega Oil - 3 months - Worth £57

The magic of Mindful is in mental health. Omega 3 can support brain function, improve memory, improve mood, and reduce inflammation, all whilst supporting skin, heart, brain and eyes. Unless we're eating at least 3 portions of oily fish a week we may be deficient in Omega 3 from our fishy friends. So todays countdown gift is a whole 3 month supply of this highest quality, wild, sustainably sourced Omega 3 by Bare Biology. Mindful is also certified by Friends of The Sea and the Marin Trust and obtained from the clear waters of Norway.

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Bare Biology 2020

4 sleeps ~ 21st December

Neom Great Day Body Butter & Bedtime Hero Bath Foam - Worth £58

Todays giveaway centres on relaxation, and we guess you might need a little right now! Neom Great Day Body Butter combines the benefits of the miracle mineral Magnesium, with their incredible signature scent. Magnesium is well absorbed through the skin, and helps to repair muscles and ease stiffness, making this super for sporty types. And to feel extra relaxed, treat yourself to a bath of (SLS free) bubbles, with Neoms new 'Bedtime Hero' Signature Scent for dreamy sleep. Made especially for 'Non Lavender Lovers' yet still cradles you off to the land of nod.

Neom 2020

3 sleeps ~ Tuesday 22nd December

Hyaluronic Acid & Total Cleanse By Wild Nutrition - Worth £77

It's so close to Christmas and we want you to look and feel great. Todays lucky winner will be able to 'plump up their skin from within' with this gift from Wild Nutrition. Don't be put off by the name Hyaluronic Acid, it naturally occurs in the human body, but declines with time! Hyaluronic Acid keeps us fluid from the inside out, attracting water into our cells to keep skin plump and smooth, and also cushion our joints. This miracle molecule is the key to smooth, hydrated skin at all ages.

Wild Nut 2020

Also included in todays gift is the Total Cleanse Complex by Wild Nutrition, which will support the body through the festive period and help to cope with any over indulgence! Your skin and body will thank you!

2 sleeps ~ Wednesday 23rd December

Caudalie Fragrance & Moisturiser - Worth £50

Todays giveaway includes a customer favourite fragrance from Caudalie. The Des Vignes is inspired by the musky scent of french vineyards at dusk. Sensual notes of white musk & neroli with a hint of ginger, orange blossom and jasmine. This scent is suitable for day and night. Also included today is Caudalie Vinosource Moisturiser. This is a lightweight moisturiser that delivers heavyweight hydration. Super hydration especially for sensitive skin.

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1 sleep ~ Thursday 24th December


Oooh we're a little bit excited about todays Giveaway. AEOS skincare range deserves the highest accolade when it comes to conscious skincare product creation. The ingredients are almost magical and the resulting formulas really soften, smooth, hydrate and nourish skin. A Biodynamic British Brand, with AEOS you'll glow like never before. The products work together and shouldn't really be mixed with other brands, so todays giveaway offers a full set of cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser. If you're not todays lucky winner (sorry!) you can try the whole range with the trial set at just £9.50. Happy Christmas!

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