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Royal Sun Agaricus

Agaricus blazei

What is Royal Sun Agaricus?

Mushroom of the sun is a very appreciated edible species that is very fleshy with an intense almond flavor. Also known as Agaricus Blazei, it was only 40 years ago the positive effect of Royal Sun Agaricus on human health was discovered.

Four powerful benefits of Royal Sun Agaricus

  1. Immune system – Royal Sun has exceptional properties to improve the natural immune response. This mushroom is the best friend for any condition relating to immune health such as autoimmune disorders and allergies.
  2. Antiallergic – Unique compounds in this mushroom are very useful for histamine related allergies.
  3. Infections – Compounds in Royal Sun strengthens the body’s defense barriers towards infections.
  4. Liver support – Sun Royal contains agents that work to protect liver function and help liver recovery.

Some Nutrients featured in Royal Sun Agaricus

  • Beta-Glucans, known to support the immune system.
  • Rich in lipids, including linoleic acid and phospholipids. Types of fats that have essential functions for health.
  • Proteoglycans, a type of protein important for immune health.
  • Coenzyme Q10, a natural substance beneficial for energy production.
  • Rich in B vitamins.
  • Naturally rich in minerals including sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc and selenium.

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