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Arnica Montana

What is Arnica and what is its role in inflammation?

Arnica Montana has been traditionally used both homoeopathically and topically to help reduce inflammation. It is particularly helpful in painful inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

While its exact mechanisms are not fully understood, it is believed that arnica works by reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation, and inhibiting some inflammatory compounds.

Pain in inflammatory conditions

In studies, Arnica has presented comparable activity to standard medications, such as ibuprofen for pain management for various medical conditions. Post-operative pain, arthritic pain, lower back pain as well as other forms of musculoskeletal pain, were among those in which arnica was seen to show some benefits to patients (1).

Reduction in bruising and swelling

Arnica is also very famous for its traditional use in reducing bruising and swelling.

Studies have indicated that arnica may have a slight advantage over a placebo in reducing bruises, and there is some evidence to suggest that combining arnica with cold compresses could potentially help reduce bruising in response to surgery(2).

Recommended For

Pain , Post Exercise Recovery , Wound healing (Post Surgery Healing)

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