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Grifola frondosa

What is Maitake mushroom?

The Maitake is one of the most fascinating mushrooms we know and referred to as the ‘king of mushrooms’. Literally, Maitake in Japanese means dancing mushroom (also known as Grifola frondosa). This highly valued edible mushroom has been used for its medicinal benefits for over 3000 years.

Five powerful benefits of Maitake mushroom

Weight management

Maitake contains powerful compounds that help reduce storage of fat in the body. Making this a wonderful mushroom for weight control and obesity.

Heart health

Properties found in Maitake are useful in supporting heart health, reducing triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

Blood pressure

Maitake can help people regulate and maintain blood pressure. A useful mushroom for people with hypertension.

Balances the immune

Maitake’s medicinal properties work to increase the effectiveness of the immune system. Great for autoimmune conditions and allergies.


Certain compounds of Maitake helps the liver to eliminate toxins effectively.

Some nutrients featured in Maitake


Significant number of Enzymes (including amylase, lectins an pectinases)

Metalloproteins, a protein responsible for important bodily functions

Ergosterol, the precursor of vitamin D

Rich in minerals magnesium, potassium and Phosphorus.

High in vitamins B1 and B2

Essential amino acids including glutamine, alanine, threonine.

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