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Cost: 60 mins

Duration: £59.00


Reflexology 1 hr £59 : Course of 3 £168 : Course of 6 £318

Reflexology is a healing art where the practitioner works using the reflex points on the feet which correspond to certain areas of the body to achieve homeostasis and balance.

Through application of pressure on these reflexes, the treatment may help to relieve tension and promote natural healing in the desired area.

The treatment starts with a general question and answer session with the practitioner whilst a soothing and grounding sage foot bath is taken. The allows time for the practitioner to gather some important information about what the client hopes to achieve from the treatment, whilst bringing warmth and energy to the feet.

The Reflexology Treatment

A deeply relaxing treatment, the client is lay comfortably in the treatment room, the practitioner is positioned at the foot end of the bed.

Reflexology is performed on the feet. It comprises a series of movements to work the clients reflex points on the feet. A series of techniques is used, often using the pads and sides of the thumbs to press or make movements over all the points of each foot. One foot is treated, then the other.

The treatment is deeply relaxing and beneficial to the whole body. Organic oils are used during the treatment which heightens the indulgence with relaxing essential oils helping to soothe all the senses. These are washed off after the treatment to leave the feet and the whole body feeling refreshed and renewed. The treatment then finishes of course, with a cup of our bespoke blend Therapy teas.

How Does Reflexology Work?

The feet can be divided into 'zones' that correspond to different parts of the body. Through the feet the whole body can be treated as the feet are full of sensory nerves that relate to the whole body. In eastern medicine this relationship is explained as meridians or energy channels, which if blocked can affect health. Reflexology is a technique to unblock or free up energy flow throughout the whole body by treating the feet.

In western medicine Reflexology theory may be explained slightly differently. As the feet contain thousands of sensory nerve endings, the treatment stimulates the reflex points which relays information to the sensory cortex of the brain. The reflex points inform the brain of the position and movement of the body in relation to it's other parts and surroundings. The brain reviews information from the proprioceptors and responds by sending commands to the appropriate body areas through the voluntary and involuntary (autonomic) nervous system.

The involuntary nervous system acts to maintain vital organs and a balance between their various functions. Reflexologists believe that the bodys involuntary response to information relayed to the brain as a result of stimulating the sensory nerves via a reflex point on the foot, improves the blood circulation to the area affected by that reflex point and reduces muscular tensions. As too much muscular tension can impede blood flow and therefore the removal of waste products, the cumulative effect of this is to allow more nutrients to reach the area through the circulatory system and to encourage the elimination of waste products.

In addition deep pressure on a point stimulates the production of endorphins - the bodys own natural painkillers - which might explain the analgesic effect of the treatment.

How Many Reflexology Treatments Do I Need?

Whilst one treatment can be extremely beneficial, a course of treatments has a much more therapeutic benefit. As a treat, for relaxation/stress management one treatment can be very beneficial.

To treat conditions a course of treatment is recommended. Your therapist will advise following your first treatment.

Where Does Reflexology Take Place?

Set in the comfort and tranquility of our upstairs treatment rooms at Therapy Organics, the calm and relaxing colours and warmth will allow for a complete state of relaxation where the wellbeing of the client is our priority!

Does Reflexology Hurt?

Whilst the treatment is generally relaxing, sometimes for certain conditions relating specifically to the feet, such as plantar fasciitis, or where sensitive reflex points are found, there can be a little discomfort but usually these areas can be worked on with the agreement of the client before moving back into a state of relaxation.

There are certain times where Reflexology may not be advised so please contact us directly for advice on the most suitable treatment to maximise your wellbeing.

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