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Sleep - Our Guide To Improving Your Sleep Naturally...

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Sleep is our body's essential nourishment to recharge, renew and refresh. Sleep is so important to our physical body, and also our mental health and spiritual health. We can take it for granted, but if we're not getting enough we (and often those around us) will know about it. Just ask any new parent!

The phrase 'sleep hygiene' is commonly used to mean our routine around sleep. It's worth assessing if your sleep hygiene routine is helping or hindering you. Sleep is one of the most common complaints we hear about in store, there's lots that can help:
1. Assess your sleep hygiene routine. Are you on a screen late at night? Do you consume caffeine after lunch? Are you getting enough exercise during the day?

2. Assess what's keeping you awake, or waking you. Is your mind active? Do you have worries, stresses that seem worse st night (everything can seem worse at night as it's not masked by our being busy)? Is there something you can do to help yourself? Talk to us or someone who can help guide you. ⠀⠀⠀
3. Is your nutrition good? Certain vitamins/minerals and eating patterns can help or hinder stress and sleep. This is powerful and worth considering. Our nutrition team can help you make the right changes for you.
4. Do you need to break the cycle? Sometimes poor sleep becomes a habit. Supplements can help break the cycle. Our favourites are Viridian Cherry Night and Pukka Night Time. Both of these can work really well. Simply taking a magnesium supplement in the evening can also make a huge difference. If you suffer with cramps you may well be magnesium deficient, in which case this would be your starting point.

5. Treat yourself... take Epsom Salt baths, with a few drops of lavender. Book a course of treatments to relax, or consider our Sereni-T Wellness Package.
Hope this helps, if not we're here to help. Night x

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