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What is Manganese?

Manganese is an essential trace mineral that your body requires in small quantities.

It is known for supporting normal functioning of the brain, nervous system, bone and joint health as well as various important enzyme systems within the body[i][ii][iii].

The body stores manganese quite well. However, as it is an essential nutrient, it's necessary to obtain it from your diet[iv][v].

Where does dietary manganese come from?

Manganese can be found in oysters, nuts, legumes such as soybeans and leafy green vegetables[vi]. It is present in smaller quantities in tea and spices like black pepper. Dietary sources provide the good amounts of manganese to support your overall health, and many supplements will contain manganese to support various functions in the body. Some supplements may contain manganese to support a particular condition [vii][viii].

What are the benefits of taking Manganese supplementally?

Research suggests that manganese may offer potential benefits in treating inflammatory disorders, regulating blood sugar levels[ix] and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease[x]. Various studies support the requirement of manganese in osteoporosis, a condition commonly occurring in post-menopausal women [xi][xii][xiii]. Manganese is also said to be of benefit in reducing inflammation, providing kidney health support and reducing adrenal fatigue and premenstrual syndrome[xiv].


Nervous system side effects may result in excessive dosages. This is usually reported in high doses, over 11 mg per day[xv]. However, it is advisable to always follow the directions of your nutritional therapist or dose as described on the product packaging [xvi][xvii].


Magnesium-containing antacids may decrease the absorption of manganese if taken together. Likewise, magnesium containing laxatives may decrease the absorption of manganese if taken together.[xviii]. Other interactions include some blood pressure medications and antibiotics, namely Tetracycline antibiotics and Quinolone antibiotics. Prior to taking manganese, please consult with your prescriber if taking any medications which may interact.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

During pregnancy, manganese is an important mineral that is needed for the healthy development of the baby. However, studies have found levels of manganese that are too high may affect motor skills and cognitive abilities of the baby[xix]. Proper directions for dosages should always be followed, as mentioned earlier. If you have any queries or require any further information regarding manganese please get in touch today.

Recommended For

Wound healing (Post Surgery Healing) , Osteoporosis , Kidney Support , Adrenal Fatigue , Inflammation

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