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What is Plantain?

Plantain extract is a natural substance which comes from the leaves of the plantain plant (Plantago species). The plantain plant is widely distributed and can be found in many parts of the world. The extract is obtained by crushing and processing the leaves of the plant and extracting the beneficial compounds through various methods, such as steam or solvent extraction. Plantain extract is commonly used in traditional medicine for its potential health benefits, including being anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial[i].

What are the benefits of plantain?

Respiratory health

Plantain has traditionally been used to support lung health due the demulcent and protective effects on the respiratory tract. By moistening and coating the airways with a protective layer, plantain leaves can reduce irritation and alleviate dry coughs[ii].

Immune system health

Plantain contains high levels of vitamins A and C, which are known to support immune system function. Additionally, the high tannin content provides astringent properties that can help reduce inflammation and combat infections by depriving bacteria of nutrients.

Plantamajoside is another active ingredient in plantain that has been found to have immune-modulating effects similar to echinacoside, which is the active ingredient in echinacea. This compound is chemically similar to echinacoside and has been shown to help modulate the immune response[iii].

Digestive health and gastrointestinal health

Plantain leaves are a beneficial herb for digestive health due to their high mucilage content and anti-inflammatory properties. Mucilage-rich herbs like plantain can absorb toxins in the bowel and add bulk to stools, which can promote a healthy bowel transit time and soften stool. In addition to its mucilage content, plantain also has astringent properties that make it effective in treating digestive conditions such as diarrhoea, gastritis, and colitis. The herb can help restore acid balance in the stomach, regulate gastric secretions, and reduce inflammation in the stomach and bowels[iv].

Plantain has been recognised as an effective treatment for conditions such as chronic colitis, acute gastritis, enteritis, and enterocolitis. This herb has soothing and demulcent properties that can help restore the protective coating of mucous membranes in a damaged stomach lining, which can help protect against ulcers. If any ulcers have already formed, the high tannin content of plantain gives it anti-ulcer properties. Tannins react with exposed proteins in the ulcer, helping to close the wound[v]. This layer acts as a "second skin," preventing further damage and allowing the internal layers to heal.

Skin benefits

Plantain leaf has an ability to draw out toxins from insect bites, stings, and other wounds, making it a valuable addition to first aid kits. Its drawing action can also help with splinter removal and bringing blisters or spots to a head. In addition to its drawing ability, plantain contains allantoin, a powerful skin-soothing agent that can encourage cell growth. This compound makes plantain effective for providing natural relief from sunburn, is used for acne and rosacea, and promoting generally healthy and blemish-reduced skin[vi].


Plantain may interact with certain medications, including blood thinners, diabetes medications, and lithium. Therefore, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before using plantain if you're taking any medications. Due to a lack of sufficient information on the safety of plantain use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is generally recommended to avoid its use during these times. Additionally, plantain may increase the risk of bleeding during and after surgery. Therefore, it is advised to stop using plantain at least two weeks before any scheduled surgeries to avoid complications[vii].

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