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Lentinula edodes

What is Shiitake Mushroom?

A mushroom highly valued since ancient times in China and Japan, Shiitake is probably one of the first mushrooms to be cultivated nearly 2,000 years ago. Also known as Lentinula edodes, it has a delicious and exotic flavour making it the second most popular mushroom in the world to eat. The Shiitake’s medicinal qualities have been long cherished.

Five powerful benefits of shiitake mushroom

Heart health benefits

Medicinal properties in Shiitake have been studied for actions on the cardiovascular system. Shiitake is a great mushroom for problems relating to the heart, smoking and high blood pressure.

Antibacterial benefits

Shiitake contains compounds that make it an excellent natural antibacterial agent.

Alkalising effect

Properties in the shiitake have very effective benefits for issues of uric acid, such as gout.

Cholesterol benefits

Therapeutic properties can act on cholesterol, lowering ‘bad’ (LDL) and increasing ‘good’ (HDL) levels.

Some nutrients featured in Shiitake

Eritadenine, a substance that supports the immune system and cholesterol levels.

Beta-glucans, known to support the immune system.

Proteoglycans, a protein that supports the immune system.

Ergosterol, the precursor of vitamin D.

Linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid, useful for inflammation.

High in all essential Amino Acids

Rich in minerals potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc.

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