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Sun Chlorella
Sun Chlorella A

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Sun Chlorella® ‘A’ is the only chlorella that is pulverised by DYNO®- Mill.

This remarkable technology liberates the nutrients in chlorella, whilst breaking up the indigestible chlorella cell wall without the need for excessive heat or chemicals.


Chlorella is a fresh water single-cell green algae, a natural whole food that contains a spectrum of nutrients perfectly designed by nature. Those nutrients include Iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Folic Acid. It grows in fresh water.

Chlorella is a member of eukaryotic organism (true nucleus plant), which has been on earth since the pre-Cambrian period over 2 billion years ago. It is not a sexually reproducible plant but a unicellular, freshwater green alga, which divides itself rapidly by four times every 20 to 24 hours. (From the latest gene analysis of Chlorella, it was discovered that that 540 million years ago Chlorella and Chlamydomonas diverged from a common ancestor).

Chlorella is so small (3 to 8 micrometers in diameter) that it was only discovered at the end of the 19th century. At that time, chlorella was named after’chlor’ which means green in Greek and’ella’ which means a small thing in Latin.

There are many species of chlorella, but Chlorella pyrenoidosa was selected by Sun Chlorella Corporation to make the flagship product, Sun Chlorlella® ‘A’.


The word ‘Algae’ is Latin for ‘seaweed’ and today refers to a wide ranging group of water plants. Some, like chlorella are tiny microscopic organisms, whist some kelps can measure more than 50m long.

There are more than 25,000 known species of algae

Algae is said to be responsible for 90% of the photosynthesis on earth

Algae is the first link in the food chain

Fossilized algae can be dated back to more than 1.5 billion years


One of chlorella’s unique properties is a phytonutrient called C.G.F. (Chlorella Growth Factor). C.G.F. is a nucleotide-peptide complex found in the nucleus of the chlorella cell. Notably, the nucleic acids produce new chlorella cells and control everything from division, growth and production of each cell.

Hero Ingredients

Vitamin B12 , Chlorella

Recommended For

Cleanse , Liver Support

How to Use

Start with 5 tablets per day and build up gradually to the recommended serving of 15-40 tablets per day. May be taken all at once or in smaller amounts as desired.

Q. What is the recommended serving for children?

A. Although Sun Chlorella “A” is a completely natural supplement, we always recommend you consult a health professional before making significant changes to your diet. This is also the case for children. Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is a great way to introduce the benefits of a natural food supplement to your children’s diet. Try starting children with the number of tablets that corresponds to their age (e.g. five tablets for a 5-year old). We do not recommend giving our products to infants.

Q. Why should I start taking Sun Chlorella gradually?

A. We suggest this to allow your body to adjust to taking a natural green food supplement. If you already take chlorella, spirulina or blue-green algae you may prefer to take the recommended serving immediately.

Q. When should I take Sun Chlorella?

A. You can take Sun Chlorella ‘A’ whenever it is most convenient for you. However, if your diet does not already include natural green foods, we recommend taking the product with a meal to help with the digestion of Sun Chlorella ‘A’.

Ingredients Deck

Ingredients: Pulverised chlorella (95.5%), Soya Lecithin (from Non-GMO soya beans)

Therapy Approved

1 x Large 1500 tablet size box as short dated - best best end of May 23

Sun Chorella is the ultimate in greens! A real whole food algae meaning you get the complete nutritional profile and one of the few vegetarian sources of B12 and vitamin D. Sun Chlorella is different to other chlorella in that the company use a patented process to break the cell wall whilst retaining the nutritional content. This is instead of using heat, enzymes, or chemicals to crack the cell wall.

A rich source of chlorophyll, this sunshine vitamin supports healthy immune function, digestive health and beauty from within. The perfect addition to a green juice for a complete multi-vitamin and mineral boost!

Not all Chlorella is made the same

Chlorella has been here for billions of years, long before humans figured out how to process it and use it for good health, long before manufacturers like us and long before retail stores. Its core health benefits are simply put "Timeless" – ultimately something that no company can lay exclusive claim to.

But how it's grown and processed can make the difference in how much of its green goodness you can tap into. And this is why Sun Chlorella is so exceptional.

Chlorella Comparison #1: The Pyrenoidosa Difference

There are several species of chlorella. Chlorella vulgaris and chlorella pyrenoidosa are the most studied. They both give you excellent nutrition. However research comparing the two different species indicates that chlorella pyrenoidosa has higher concentration of some vitamins and amino acids, like choline. Chlorella pyrenoidosa also has a higher concentration of the unique chlorella growth factor (CGF). Many health experts from the late Bernard Jensen to Dr. Mark Drucker consider CGF to be the most phenomenal aspect of chlorella. It provides powerful support for tissue renewal and immune health.

Chlorella Comparison #2: The Cultivation Difference

Only Sun Chlorella contains 95% – 99% pulverised chlorella, thanks to the exclusive process utilising DYNO®-Mill technology.

In order to ensure cultivation purity, some manufacturers only grow chlorella in indoor tanks. However, while it's easier to maintain a consistent cultivation this way, you lose out on one of the most significant factors when it comes to chlorella's nutritional potency… Sunlight. Chlorella's most significant nutritional attribute, CGF is produced during intense photosynthesis. By cultivating chlorella outdoors, this ensures it gets all the sun it can get. And consequently, ensures a higher concentration of CGF.

Fed by pure mountain water, Sun Chlorella is cultivated in large outdoor ponds. And to ensure purity and maintain quality, these chlorella cultures are carefully monitored during cultivation and after harvest.

Chlorella Comparison #3: The DYNO-Mill Difference

Chlorella has outstanding nutrition. But if you can't break through it's tough cell wall, you can't get to it. A number of different methods have been developed for breaking up chlorella's cell wall. However, none of them compare with the thoroughness of the DYNO-Mill process.

And unlike the other chlorella milling processes, this proprietary method does not use heat, chemicals or enzymes – only simple pressure differences. DYNO-Mill processing allows you to access chlorella's nourishment in its purest and most nutritious form.

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Variants: 300 Tablets (SKU: A1) , 1500 Tablets (SKU: A2)

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