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Lucy Cross

Lucy is our hugely talented Bowen Therapist and seeks to resolve structural issues of the body in as few sessions as possible. Wonderfully friendly and caring, Lucy is intelligent, compassionate and passionate about the link between mind and body.


Lucy is a talented Bowen Therapist who gains wonderful results from her treatments. She is also trained in McLoughlin Scar Treatment Release and can add this treatment into her Bowen Treatments. We are proud to offer her Bowen Technique treatments here at Therapy Organics... here's Lucys story...

"I have always had an interest in psychology and complementary health. This was increased by my own experience of recovering from M.E. after being ill for six and a half years. I went on to train in some of the techniques that had been most powerful for me in my journey back to full health. It also brought home to me how strong the link between mind and body is – often we have to work with both in order to fully heal.

I qualified as a Master NLP practitioner and EFT practitioner in 2010 and then went on to train with the European College of Bowen studies, qualifying as a Bowen therapist in 2012. Having spent much of my previous working life specialising in social and behavioural change, I am now committed to helping people in a more practical way to change and regain the life that they want.

I attend professional development training each year to further expand and deepen my knowledge. Some of the courses I have attended are as follows:

  • MSTR McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release 2021
  • Pelvic and Lumbar Spine 2018
  • Art of Bowen 2018
  • VTCT Anatomy &Pathology Level 3 2017
  • Targeting Primary Dysfunction 2017
  • Neuro Workshop 2016
  • British Fascia Symposium 2016
  • Importance of Symmetry 2016
  • The Essential TMJ 2015
  • Fascinating Fascia 2013
  • Assessment Workshop 2012
  • Sports Injuries 2012

Having had a lifelong passion for horses, I also qualified as an Equine Bowen Therapist in 2016 after seeing its amazing results.It keeps my 24 year old thoroughbred going strong and also helps my 6 year old P.R.E. as he grows and builds muscle. It is often very helpful to treat both the rider and the horse at the same time, as asymmetries and issues in one will also be reflected in the other!

I am fully insured and hold a First Aid at Work certificate. I am a member of the Bowen Therapists Professional Association,"

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