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January Cleanse

January Cleanse

30 Day Cleanse Programme

Our 30 day programme is designed as a complete body and mind cleanse and reset. The programme will take you through the stages of detoxification and rejuvenation, to say hello to your refreshed and revived self.

Designed by our Nutritional Therapy team, the incredible power of plant medicine is drawn upon in this package to support the elimination of accumulated toxins, whilst providing an abundance of essential health building nutrients. We employ a range of plant based supplements and superfoods which activate a 5 point plan to fast forward you towards feeling great! You’ll experience

The comprehensive programme ensures your body is supported with essential vitamins, minerals, omegas, prebiotics, probiotics, herbs and those all important phytochemicals . The plan includes dietary guidelines which are simple to follow. There’s no calorie counting, but by effectively supporting your cellular health in the right way you’ll feel benefits to your metabolism, energy, skin, bowels, mind, immunity, hormones etc.…. The list is long!

January Cleanse

30 Day Cleanse Programme

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January Cleanse - Contents

This is a comprehensive 30-day supplementation programme to address our 5 point plan (the supplements will last longer than the duration of the programme):

Buying these items as a programme is a special discounted price and we will also include the following completely free of charge to fully support you:

The 5 Point Plan

Cleanse, Protect & Heal The Gut

Our first line of defense again external pathogens, our guts needed periodic cleansing to function at their best. Gut Health really does equal good health, this is where it all starts.

Cleanse & Detoxify The Eliminative Pathways

The liver and kidneys are our main eliminative pathways and also benefit from periodic rest and cleansing. A gut cleanse requires liver and kidney support. The herbs used in the cleanse enhance this natural function.

Alkalise The Body

Our PH is a delicate balance that can make the difference between our cells functioning well or under pressure. The diet and supplementation programme will seek to move your PH towards a healthy, slightly alkaline balance.

Anti-Inflammatory Activation

We have the power, through diet and lifestyle, to turn on (or off) our own natural anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. Modern diets tend to push our bodies towards an inflammatory state, and this can be at the root of many health issues. The plan seeks to improve this balance and activate our natural anti-inflammatory pathways.

Nutrient Boost

Our human bodies naturally want to cleanse and heal. It’s important that we give the body the right nutrients to do so, especially during a cleanse. Superfoods allow us to supercharge our nutrient intake. The vitamins and minerals are all important as are the phytochemicals which hold a whole host of health benefits.

Add Ons

Juice Cleanse: Add our Juice Cleanse into your plan to supercharge your cleanse. The juices allow the digestive system to rest, so that energy is focused into cellular cleansing.

Bath Salts: our Epsom salts or Magnesium salts will support your cleanse. The skin is another key organ of elimination and regular bathing with the salts encourages detoxification through the skin. Add clay to your bath too for next level cleansing.

Body Brush: the lymphatic system plays a key role in your cleanse, cleaning up the system as the cells cleanse and replenish. Daily body brushing supports your lymphatic function.