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Digestivi-T Wellness Plan

£275 - 12 week programme

Programme designed for digestive issues from a little bloating and discomfort, to diagnosed conditions of the digestive system.


Also, for conditions of low energy a digestive health improvement plan should be considered.


Digestive health is the absolute core to overall wellness, as the gut assimilates and absorbs nutrients from our food so that our bodies can function optimally. It's our first line of defence against external pathogens, it modulates our immune system and if we want to be healthy and stay that way, we must ensure our digestion is sound.

The delicate balance of our digestive system can be disturbed very easily through wrong food choices, stress, lifestyle, medications and environmental factors. Understanding how to restore this balance is one of the most important steps to optimal health.

In a healthy digestive system gut microbiota are balanced, there is no inflammation of the epithelial cells of the digestive tract, pathogenic bacteria or fungi are minimized and do not cause problems, bowel movements are regular and formed (with no pain or urgency), all foods can be eaten without problem.

Good Digestive Health not only means a healthy digestive system. The benefits impact the whole body in numerous ways including:

In an ideal world digestive issues should not be something to worry about. Unfortunately this is not the case for an increasing number of people, with symptoms varying in their severity and effect on daily life. Therapy Digestivi-T programme is designed to restore digestive health, and has been developed by Registered Nutritional Therapist, Therapy Director and digestive specialist on the link between gut microbiota and wellness, Jacklyn Coldwell-Collins (BAhons Dip CNM mBANT CNHC MAR).


The 'gut brain' has a direct influence on our actual brains. A happy, healthy gut helps us feel happy and healthy (the gut produces serotonin - our feel good hormone).

A happy gut also helps us sleep better, mimicking our sleep cycle, but also interrupting our sleep cycle if the gut is not functioning optimally.

The gut microflora are critical to our health. The biologically active mass has a profound affect on our physiological processes, and is as important to the body as the major organs. The normal person is composed on over 60 trillion cells, at least 50% of these cells are microbial, and most live in the gut. Most are good and play an important role in the body, metabolizing nutrients, vitamins, hormones, drugs and carcinogens, synthesizing fatty acids, giving protection against germs and activating the immune system. Others cause disease and are opportunistic.

The nature or ratio of good to bad can change, and this is one of the most important factors we consider during the programme, as an unbalanced microbiome can result in digestive problems, immune deficiencies and compromised health even if the individuals diet is good.

Testing an individuals microbiome status can be arranged if deemed necessary (additional cost).


Nutritional Therapy takes all these factors into account. A detailed session will investigate the history of triggers to the digestive condition, providing an informative insight to help the client understand the potential root cause,

Discussion of symptoms, sensitivities, inflammation, infections, intestinal permeability, gut microbiota, alongside foods, drinks and lifestyle habits will take place during the consultation. This is individual to every client. A personalised wellness plan is created which will summarise discussions and recommendations from the initial session .

As each person is unique, no digestive programme is the same. Various stages of digestive healing are often required for long term health. Two follow up sessions are recommended to be taken at monthly intervals following the initial consultation. During these sessions, further recommendations will be made to move to the next stage of digestive wellness and will build upon the initial foundations from the first consultation to help achieve optimal digestive health and overall wellness.


1 x Initial Nutrition Consultation
2 x Follow Up Nutrition Consultations
1 x Digestivi-T Herbal Tea
1 x Digestivi-T Massage Oil


Nutritional Therapy - Initial Consultation

Nutritional Therapy - Follow Up Consultation

WEEK 12:
Nutritional Therapy - Follow Up Consultation

Throughout the 12 week programme we recommend massaging the stomach and soles of the feet with our Digestivi-T massage oil. This bespoke combination of oils work together to strengthen, support and improve the function of the digestive system.

Our Digestivi-T herbal tea is also included and clients are encouraged to drink this on a daily basis. This herbal tea has been formulated to soothe and calm the digestive system and includes Peppermint, Aniseed, Fennel, Lemon Balm and Rose Hips.


Purchase by telephone: Call on 01625 400113. We will process payment, discuss your preferred start date and book treatments accordingly.

Recommended For

Irritable Bowel Syndrome , Bloating , Candida , Fungal Infection , Colitis , Constipation , Diarrhoea , Allergies (Foods) , Migraine , Acid Reflux , Leaky Gut