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Food Sensitivity Test (Dietary Antigen Test)


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Food allergy is a common problem in children and adults. Many patients present with adverse reactions to foods, but are not diagnosed with 'allergies' by routine methods. To date, the traditional diagnosis of food allergy is based on clinical history, skin-prick tests, the determination of specific IgE class antibodies from serum, and classically the 'food challenge' which is very time consuming to undertake.

Intolerances are very much a different immune marker response than allergies that can develop and change over time with both with both IgG and complement c3D being important markers to this immune activation. The intolerance test that we recommend is unique on the market in terms of reliability and sensitivity as it is the only test to simultaneously test both of these important markers in relation to potential inflammatory processes that may be activated by foods.

Our P88 Dietary Antigen Test (Serum) is one single blood test combining IgE, IgG, IgG4 and complement (C3d) reactions to 88 of the most common foods found in the diet. Precision Allergy 88 (previously 588 + Dietary Antigen Testing) was the first test on the market to measure and report immune complexes containing C3d. Complement activation is well-defined in the research as not only a cause of inflammation but one of the strongest causes.

A highly comprehensive test of immune reactions, Precision Point Diagnostics’ P88 Dietary Antigen Test helps to identify and address food allergies and food sensitivities in patients with chronic illness. Overt IgE-mediated food allergies can lead to hives, anaphylaxis, or digestive issues while delayed food sensitivities (IgG and IgG4) are linked to sinus problems, acne, gas, bloating, fatigue, constipation, autism, irritable bowel syndrome, and even depression. Identifying and eliminating food sensitivities can also assist in the healing of intestinal permeability.

This test is available to order without the precursor requirement for a Nutrition Consultation and is payable when sending back the sample rather than upfront. Please email us at with your full name, address and date of birth and we will arrange for the test kit to be sent out to you. To make the most of your results, we recommend a consultation with one of our Nutritional Therapy team when you have your results as this can be a helpful resource to provide clinical guidance to optimise your health.

Recommended For

Wellness , Digestive & Gut , Immune

Sample Requirements

Serum Blood Test

Sample Report

Turnaround Time

18 Days

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