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Intestinal Permeability Profile


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A simple and accessible test for looking at intestinal permeability is to run a test to look at zonulin. Whilst there are more comprehensive tests that look at additional markers, this is a great accessible option to check in on the health of the gut lining. Note that stool zonulin levels are also reported as part of the Complete GastroIntestinal Test which may be a more comprehensive test if you would like to get a deeper insight into your digestive health and microbiome status. However, this test is often run as a complementary test to the Food Sensitivity Test.

Zonulin is a protein that is synthesized in intestinal cells and liver cells. It is a key biomarker for intestinal permeability. It is estimated that anywhere between 50 and 100 percent of food intolerance sufferers have increased intestinal permeability. Increased intestinal permeability can be caused by food allergies and sensitivities, stress, infections, and low stomach acid, among other causes.

In a healthy gut, there are healthy cell junctions and good nutrient absorption. In a leaky gut, however, the Villi are damaged, there is poor absorption and the cell junctions are loose. This means that bacteria and unwanted items can pass through the gut. Zonulin Testing is best performed with the Food Sensitivity test and can be used to assess baseline for Zonulin levels that can be retested following dietary and lifetstyle changes to support the health of the digestive system.

Note that there is a more comprehensive intestinal health analysis is available with the recommendations from our Nutrition team. This test offers an accessible insight that is available to order without the precursor requirement for a Nutrition Consultation and is payable when sending back the sample rather than upfront. Please email us at with your full name, address and date of birth and we will arrange for the test kit to be sent out to you. To make the most of your results, we recommend a consultation with one of our Nutritional Therapy team when you have your results as this can be a helpful resource to provide clinical guidance to optimise your health.

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