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You might have noticed that unlike other vitamins, there are actually many distinct characters within the B-vitamin family, each with their own characteristics.

Originally it was believed that there was only one vitamin B, however as time and research developed, we now understand them to be a group of distinct compounds.

In supplemental form, you can still find the b-vitamins working together in a complex or available on their own for their individual benefits.

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Homo factors 20190126 121738 Pure Encapsulations

Homocysteine Factors

- £62.98
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0228 Viridian

Co-Enzyme B Complex

- £33.30
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B Complex Plus 20180915 162728 Pure Encapsulations

B Complex Plus

- £43.00
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0196 UK B COMPLEX 50 wiz Terranova

Vitamin B Complex with Vitamin C

- £18.50
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0118 Viridian

Cardio Multi (60 Caps)

£32.10 £19.26
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Advanced Synergy B-Complex

- £31.95
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